BancMate™ is a seamlessly integrated omni-channel banking and money management platform developed to help users gain more control over and do more with their money within a single application.


My Money

Regardless if you have a savings account with Bank of America and a Checking account with Citibank you can manage each account from BancMate. You can withdrawal, transfer, and manage each of your accounts from one app! We also include PayPal and Bitcoin account management.



As a BancMate™ user you will be able to view your spending trends. These spending trends auto-categorize each of your purchases to provide a detailed budget summary.

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Mobile Wallet

Within the BancMate application users will also have the ability to make NFC payments with their debit cards, credit cards, and even gift cards from their iPhone 6.



Our vision with BancMate is to have a holistic mobile banking platform that enables our users to manage all of their money accounts regardless of bank from one application.

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Recent Activity

See all your recent activity: Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Bank Accounts, PayPal and Bitcoin. You can also easily locate transaction by sorting and even expense specific transaction with one click!


Check Deposit

We wanted to take check deposit to the next level. In BancMate you can deposit a check directly into any account you choose! Simply capture the image of the check, select an account to deposit the money into, tap deposit and you're all done!

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Pay Bill

BancMate users can also manage and pay all bills directly from the app. Simply add all your bills, assign an account to pay with, select the date to pay, and your finished. Users can also pay for physical invoices! How do we do that? Great question: All a user has to do is take an image of the physical bill and OCR technology does the rest. We pull all the relevant info in order to pay the bill, you select the account you want to pay with, the date you want the money to come out and hit pay. Its really that easy.